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Sunrise Elementary 2022-2023 Staff

Sunrise Elementary - Home of the Sea Otters

School Mission Statement

Our mission at Sunrise Elementary School will be to develop each student into a successful learner. Children entrusted to our care will receive a strong sense of self-worth, citizenship, social awareness, and social skills as well as a sound challenging, and positive academic experience.

A message from the Sunrise Administrative Team

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. We are excited to have all of you here at Sunrise. Our staff is looking forward to working collaboratively with the community to ensure we are doing what is best for our students. We will continue to focus on social emotional learning through our Playworks program.

We are looking forward to a great year. 

Together we can make a difference!


Stacy Blair – Principal

Mary Baumgardner-Assistant Principal


When your student is out due to an illness, tardy, or an appointment, please call our attendance line at

719-391-3416 or text us at 719-600-7503.

Welcome new and returning families to the 2022-2023 school year at Sunrise Elementary! We are excited to serve students as the social worker and counselor here. We focus on meeting students’ academic, personal and social/emotional needs. We are so excited for this school year. 

We lead a few different small groups throughout the year that may focus on friendship, social skills, family changes, or military deployment. Please get in contact with either of us if you’d like to refer your student to a small group. 

We are also able to connect families with different resources in the community. As the school year begins, please let us know if your family is in need of school clothes or school supplies. 

We look forward to serving families here at Sunrise this year!

-Bailey Cline - Social Worker (

-Megan Anders - School Counselor (

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • The bus lane is reserved for buses only from 8:30-8:50 am and 3:20-3:40 pm. Please do not park or drop students off during arrival or pick-up.
  • Utilize the Kiss-n-Go lane (the lower parking lot) to drop students off and pick students up during arrival/dismissal. This is a one-way zone. Pull all the way up as directed by duty members. Drop your student off/pick him or her up, and exit the Kiss-n-Go lane promptly. This is not a lane for parking or leaving your vehicle.
  • You may park along the street if you wish to walk your child to class or pick him/her up.
  • While we love them, no pets (only service animals) are allowed on campus.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Be sure your child knows what to do after school. If your child’s routine changes before the end of school, please call the office at 719-391-3415 as soon as possible so your child can be notified. 

Before and After School Care

Junior Academy is a daycare program offers convenient before/after school supervision with a variety of activities.  For more information, please call 719-659-6818.

Physical Education

Welcome back Sunrise families,

My name is Brittany Ottenberg and I am in my ninth year of teaching. I love to stay active! My hobbies include rock climbing, snowboarding, and hiking. My goal as a physical education teacher is to promote physical literacy. I want all students to have the ability to move their body confidently, make healthy lifestyle choices, and perform a variety of skills at school, home, and in the community.

Link to Full PE Newsletter


Hello Sunrise families, my name is Mr. Earnest and I am very excited to be working as the new music teacher. I know Sunrise has a wonderful tradition of maintaining a quality music program and I am happy to pick up the torch and continue providing quality instruction to the Sunrise students. As the school year gets started, we will be working to establish our weekly routines in music. Each grade will also be having their own separate musical performances on various days throughout the year. All performances will be held in the Sunrise Gymnasium/Multipurpose Room at 5:30 pm on the following dates:

  • 5th Grade: 10/25
  • 4th Grade: 11/10
  • 3rd Grade: 12/15
  • 2nd Grade: 2/7
  • 1st Grade: 3/16
  • Kinder: 4/27

Link to additional music information

Sunrise PTO

Welcome Back Sunrise Families!

The Sunrise PTO is excited for the 22-23 school year!  Please join us for our first meeting on September 13th at 4:00pm.  We will be meeting in the library and also offer a virtual link for those who need it.  

We look forward to a wonderful school year!

Sunrise PTO

PBIS Information

Hello Otter families,

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports.  Our PBIS systems revolves around the acronym RISE.

R - Respect

I - Integrity

S - Safety

E - Effort

Classroom teachers use a variety of means to celebrate and support kids in their journey to RISE up at Sunrise.  You may hear that your child received a Golden Ticket or a Shout Out celebrating their great choices.  We believe in helping to teach expectations and support students as they learn.  So, they may receive a classroom referral helping you and your student know what they may need some support in.  If you have any questions about our PBIS system please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Baumgardner  

Compulsory School Attendance

In order to reduce the incidents of truancy, parents/guardians are hereby notified that every child who has attained the age of six (6) on or before August 1 of each school year and is under the age of seventeen (17) shall attend public school for at least the following number of hours.

  • One thousand fifty –six (1056) if secondary school pupil;
  • Nine hundred sixty-eight (968) if an elementary school pupil in a grade other than kindergarten;
  • Nine hundred hours (900) if a full-day kindergarten pupil;
  • Four hundred fifty hours (450) if a half day kindergarten pupil;

(Except as otherwise provided in CRS 22-33-104)

Cafeteria News

The Federal School Meal Waivers expired on June 30, 2022. Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) will be going back to the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs for the 2022-2023 school year.
This means, all school meals are no longer free for all students.  Families need to apply for free school meals once again.

    • Elementary $1.55
    • Adult $2.50
    • Milk $  .75
    • Elementary $2.80
    • Adult $4.25
    • Milk $  .75

**If you qualify for Reduced Price Meals, those meals are FREE for students.**

Lunch menu is subject to change. Visit the Nutrition Services website for menus and Free/Reduced meal applications

If you have questions please contact the Sunrise office at 719-391-3415.

Free or Reduced-School Meals:

Parents who feel they qualify for free/reduced meals may fill out the free/reduced application form.  These are available in the school office and online and need to be filled out each year. A new application must be filled out every school year. New application benefits will be in effect as soon as the application is processed. Please have your application turned in as soon as possible to allow time to process.

Free or Reduced School Meal Application Form

Two-hour Late Start 

Widefield District 3 may use a two-hour late start as an option between closing schools or starting at the normal times.  A two-hour late start may be used when a storm is passing or when additional time may be needed to prepare for students and staff arriving at their schools.  Two-hour late starts will be announced by 6:00 a.m. through the same channels as a school closure. These channels include television, radio, and the district website.  When district officials announce a two-hour late start, all start times and bus pickup times will be moved back by two hours.  Sunrise Elementary will start school at 10:50 a.m.  Please do not have children arrive before 10:35 a.m.  No breakfast will be served on these days.

Inclement Weather Procedure

Widefield District 3 will:

  • make inclement weather decision(s) based on students’ safety
  • collect data at the earliest appropriate time
  • make the decision as to whether schools will be open and announce no later than 5:30 am by calling radio stations and TV stations
  • not penalize students if parents keep them home or pick them up from school early on questionable snow days.

In the event the decision made earlier is to open schools and the storm worsens unexpectedly, Widefield District 3 will:

  • inform the same media as stated above that schools will dismiss students early
  • keep buildings open as long as necessary to evacuate all students safely
  • announce that if an early dismissal occurs, afternoon kindergarten, afternoon activities, and evening events will be cancelled

Parents are expected to:

  • be responsible for custody of children
  • listen to the news broadcasts on stormy days
  • decide whether or not to send children to school on threatening, stormy days

In the event the decision is made earlier to open schools and the storm worsens, parents are expected to:

  • know that students may be dismissed earlier than normal
  • listen for an early dismissal announcement
  • make sure children know what to do and where to go if dismissed early
  • not rely on telephones to make last minute arrangements for their children. (Lines tend to malfunction during storms.)

Red Flag Days

  • When the RED FLAG is flying students are to come into the building at 8:35 a.m. instead of playing on the playground.
  • The Red Flag Temperature will be 25 degrees including wind chill.  This is for all schools prior to the start of the school day.
  • We will use The Weather Channel to make the determination.
  • Each school has the flexibility to determine when children go out for their daily recesses - this may be when the temperature is between 10 to 25 degrees including wind chill.

Opt-Out- Personal Identifiable Directory Information

In WSD3, the practice regarding release of appropriate information about students has been to publish the names in various school publications or on a list posted in the school regarding the following: Student’s name, date, place of birth, participation in activities and sports, awards, honor roll, scholarships, photographs, etc. A parent/guardian may elect to disallow directory information of this type listed above. The parent/guardian may notify the principal to that effect by means of appropriate communication and/or by using a form that may be picked up in the office.

Title 1:  Parent Right to Know

  Your child participates in a program in Widefield School District which receives funding under the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. You have the right to know what professional qualifications are held by the teachers who instruct your child. The Act gives you the right to the following information about each of your child’s classroom teachers:

· Whether the teacher is licensed or qualified for the grades and subjects he or she teaches.

· Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency permit or other provisional status under which state licensing criteria have been waived.

· The college major of the teacher, any advanced degrees held by the teacher, and the subject matter of those degrees.

· What instructional aides or similar paraprofessionals, if any, provide instructional services to your child, and if so, what qualifications they possess.

If you are interested in receiving information of this sort, please contact the Human Resources office at 391-3015.

Notice Concerning Directory Information:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a Federal law, requires that Widefield School District 3 (“the District”), with certain exceptions, obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your child's education records. However, the District may disclose appropriately designated "directory information" without written consent, unless you have advised the District to the contrary in accordance with District procedures. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow the District to include this type of information from your child's education records in certain school publications. Examples include:

  • A playbill, showing your student's role in a drama production;
  • The annual yearbook;
  • Honor roll or other recognition lists;
  • Graduation programs; and
  • Sports activity sheets, such as for wrestling, showing weight and height of team members

Directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, can also be disclosed to outside organizations without a parent's prior written consent. Outside organizations include, but are not limited to, companies that manufacture class rings or publish yearbooks. In addition, two federal laws require local educational agencies (LEAs) receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories - names, addresses and telephone listings - unless parents have advised the LEA that they do not want their student's information disclosed without their prior written consent.[1]

If you do not want the District to disclose directory information from your child's education records without your prior written consent, you must notify the District in writing by September 20th each year. The District has designated the following information as directory information:

  • Student's name
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Address
  • Telephone listing
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • Electronic mail address
  • Photograph
  • Degrees, honors, and awards received
  • Date and place of birth
  • Major field of study
  • Dates of attendance
  • Grade level
  • The most recent educational agency or institution attended

Annual FERPA Notice

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18

years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s education records.

These rights are:

  1. The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day the school receives a request for access. Parents or eligible students should submit to the school principal [or appropriate school official] a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect. The school official will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be inspected.
  2. The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading. Parents or eligible students may ask the school to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate or misleading. They should write the school principal [or appropriate official], clearly identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the school decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible student, the school will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.
  3. The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. One exception, which permits disclosure without consent, is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by the school as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a person serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the school has contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or therapist); or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility. Upon request, the school discloses education records without consent to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.
    • [NOTE: FERPA requires a school district to make a reasonable attempt to notify the parent or eligible student of the records request unless it states in its annual notification that it intends to forward records on request.]
  4. The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the school to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA are:

Family Policy Compliance Office

U.S. Department of Education

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20202-4605

Notification of Rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

PPRA affords parents and students who are 18 or emancipated minors (“eligible students”) certain rights regarding our conduct of surveys, collection and use of information for marketing purposes, and certain physical exams. These include the right to:

  • Consent before students are required to submit to a survey that concerns one or more of the following protected areas (“protected information survey”) if the survey is funded in whole or in part by a program of the U. S. Department of Education (ED)—
  1. Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student’s parent;
  2. Mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s family;
  3. Sex behavior or attitudes;
  4. Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
  5. Critical appraisals of others with whom respondents have close family relationships;
  6. Legally recognized privileged relationships, such as with a lawyer, doctors, or ministers;
  7. Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or parents; or
  8. Income, other than as required by law to determine program eligibility.
  • Receive notice and an opportunity to opt a student out of—
  1. Any other protected information survey, regardless of funding;
  2. Any non-emergency, invasive physical exam or screening required as a condition of attendance, administered by the school or its agent, and not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of a student, except for hearing, vision, or scoliosis screenings, or any physical exam or screening permitted or required under State law; and
  3. Activities involving collection, disclosure, or use of personal information obtained from students for marketing or to sell or otherwise distribute the information to others.
  • Inspect, upon request and before administration or use—
  1. Protected information surveys of students;
  2. Investments used to collect personal information from students for any of the above marketing, sales, or other distribution purposes; and
  3. Instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum.

Widefield School District No. 3 will develop and adopt policies, in consultation with parents, regarding these rights, as well as arrangements to protect student privacy in the administration of protected surveys and the collection, disclosure, or use of personal information for marketing, sales, or other distribution purposes. Widefield School District No. 3 will directly notify parents and eligible students of these policies at least annually at the start of each school year and after any substantive changes. Widefield School District No. 3 will also directly notify parents and eligible students, such as through U. S. Mail or e-mail, at least annually at the start of each school year of the specific or approximate dates of the following activities and provide an opportunity to opt a student out of participating in:

  • Collection, disclosure, or use of personal information for marketing, sales or other distribution. *Administration of any protected information survey not funded in whole or in part by ED.
  • Any non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening as described above.

Parents/eligible students who believe their rights have been violated may file a complaint with:

Family Policy Compliance Office

U. S. Department of Education

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, D.C. 20202-4605

Educational Rights of Homeless Children and Youth

Students have a right to:


FERPA Compliance Guidelines

FERPA Compliance Guidelines for Teachers

The following guidelines are offered to assist teachers in complying with the confidentiality requirements concerning student education records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Colorado Public Records Act. For purposes of these guidelines, “education records” are defined to include all records, files, documents and other materials that are maintained by the School District and that contain personally identifiable information on any student, as well as the personally identifiable information itself.

What Teachers Cannot Do

  1. Disclose education records to other School District employees who do not have a legitimate educational interest in the education records for purposes of carrying out their authorized duties, as determined by the School District.
  2. Disclose education records to college-level student teachers, consultants, or authorized community volunteers or agents who do not have a legitimate educational interest in the education records for purposes of carrying out their authorized duties, as determined by the School District.
  3. Disclose education records (including student addresses and/or telephone numbers) to persons who are not School District employees, college-level student teachers or authorized community volunteers or agents, unless permitted to do so by the building principal.
  4. Disclose education records (including student addresses and/or telephone numbers) to other students. This includes allowing any student to see both the name and grade on another student’s work that has been recorded in the teacher’s grade book or is otherwise being maintained by the School District as it is being handed back from the teacher.
  5. Display work with a student’s name or other personally identifiable information on it, if the work shows the student’s grade, corrections or other markings used to calculate a grade that has been recorded in the teacher’s grade book or is otherwise being maintained by the School District.

School of Choice & Boundary Waiver Information

If you live within Widefield School District 3 boundaries and plan on attending a school other than your home school, you must complete a School of Choice Permit Application. Applications are available in the offices of all District 3 schools. They must be completed and returned to the school you wish to attend by the last school day in February. A copy of your child’s most recent transcript or report card will be required.

If you are currently attending a school in District 3 on a School of Choice of Permit and would like to continue your education in District 3, you must reapply and return the permit to the appropriate school by the last school day in February. A copy of your child’s most recent transcript or report card will be required.

If you live outside of Widefield School District 3 and wish to attend a District 3 school, a School of Choice permit must be completed and returned to the school you wish to attend by the first Friday in May. A copy of your child’s most recent transcript or report card along with a copy of his/her birth certification and immunization record will be required.

If your student has qualified for Special Education Services a copy of the most recent or current Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be required. A School of Choice Permit Application must be completed and returned every school year to the school you wish to attend. If your student’s application is received after the appropriate due date, his/her name will be placed on a waiting list.

Search and Seizure

Drug Dog Sweeps of Widefield School Buildings/Property

In our continuing efforts to ensure that our schools are safe and free of illegal drugs, Widefield School District will initiate a building program of random drug detection sweeps by utilizing trained, certified drug detection dogs and their police handlers.

Students, parents, and staff of each participating building will be informed of the district’s intent to conduct drug dog sweeps prior to the initiation of this program. School assemblies and question/answer forums will be held in each affected school.

At unannounced times, under the direction of the building administration, a sweep of student lockers and or all parking lots will be conducted with the assistance of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department Canine Units. The sweep may occur during school hours or after hours. The police and dogs will in no way interact with students nor interfere with the normal building activities other than when sweeping school during school hours. Students may be instructed to not be in the halls for a short period of time.

In the event that a dog indicates on a locker or vehicle, the building or district administrator (or designee, such as a campus supervisor) will conduct a search of the locker or vehicle. If illegal substances are determined to exist, such evidence shall be transmitted to the police for possible prosecution. Parents of involved students will be notified of the investigation. The assigned school resource officer will be notified if any evidence of illegal substance is found and such evidence shall be tendered to the officer. In addition to implementation of applicable Widefield School District disciplinary actions, the identification of illegal substances could result in criminal prosecution.

Law enforcement officials may request a court issued search warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to search a vehicle parked on Widefield School District property, a locker or other physical location within a Widefield School District facility or a student allegedly in possession of illegal substances. If a search warrant is issued, the law enforcement officer executing the warrant shall notify the building administrator of the issuance of a warrant. Law enforcement officers will conduct any search pursuant to the search warrant. If illegal substances are discovered as a result of the warrant search, the law enforcement officers may arrest the alleged offender or issue a citation. Widefield School District will also implement applicable disciplinary actions, which may include parent/guardian contact, mandated suspension expulsion, and referral to counseling.

In the event a search warrant is issued, the property that is the subject of the search warrant is subject to the control of the law enforcement agency. In the event the search warrant is obtained for a locker, no one is permitted access to the locker and no contents may be removed until the law enforcement search has been completed. In the event the search warrant applies to an automobile parked on Widefield School District property, no one may enter the vehicle or otherwise remove any contents until the search has been completed.

If contraband other than illegal substances is found in the locker or vehicle, district procedures will be followed.

Again, we look forward to working with parents, students, staff, and local law enforcement agencies to do everything possible to assure a safe and drug-free educational environment.


As a Medicaid provider, Widefield School District 3 will access Medicaid eligibility information for students enrolled in Widefield School District 3 from Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF). HCPF is the designated Medicaid agency in the state. Directory information of name and date of birth will be released to HCPF to verify Medicaid Eligibility of students in the District. The description of health and health-related services delivered to Medicaid eligible students will be released to Medicaid and/or the District claiming agent for proper administration of the program.

Opt-Out Form for Student Image Publishing

A copy of the Opt-Out Form will be sent home with all students. Additional copies are available upon request.

Half Day Release Times & Dates

Dates-May 24th and May 25th, 2023

Time of Release for Sunrise Elementary School-12:00pm

Kindergarten Roundup

May 12th, 2023

**Dates, times & locations are subject to change. Visit the Sunrise website-Calendar section for the most up-to-date information**